Just as Christopher Columbus discovered America, you too, can discover all 50 American states and the essence of flavors and tastes for which each are known. 1492 Chocolates features unique, signature, artisan chocolate truffles and hand-crafted chocolate bars created by the highest standards reminiscent of the fine, European edible works of art. Each of the 5 Chocolate Regions of the country are available in assorted gift boxes, containing each state and 2 of 1492’s Signature Classic truffles: one in Classic Dark chocolate, and one in our Classic Milk chocolate. Each Signature State and their exclusive tastes are also available individually in our exquisite chocolate bars. Most importantly, 1492 Chocolates does not contain added glucose syrup, found in most American-made truffles. Our Award Wining chocolate is made-to-order to ensure ultimate freshness and superior taste. To experience the pure quality of our chocolates, your chocolates should be consumed within 30 days.

Find your own home state and sweet memories, or create new experiences exploring each creative, chocolate collection. Explore your own "state" of chocolate indulgence on your “sweet” chocolate journey! With 1492 Chocolates, you can "Discover America Through Chocolate"!